Repatriation of a Foreigner

Information on returning a body to the home country...

Once in possession of a Death Certificate a non-Singaporean should register the death with their respective Embassy or High Commission.

Repatriation of a body to a home country requires the help of the relevant local embassy or consulate. Consular officials can assist in having the remains returned, in obtaining appropriate documentation and in inquiring about Singapore exit requirements.

A relative or a formally appointed representative must instruct a funeral director in the home country of the deceased for a body to be repatriated. If the deceased was insured, it is necessary to contact the insurance company so that they can make the necessary arrangements. If there is no insurance cover, funds for repatriation will need to be met by the family.

In order for a coffin export permit to be granted the following documents are required:

  • Death certificate
  • Embalming certificate where applicable
  • Sealing (of the coffin) certificate (obtained from a funeral director
  • To apply for a coffin permit to export: 

Note: The deceased's passport must travel with the body.

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