How to Select a Dentist in Singapore

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a dentist in Singapore...

Some factors to consider in selecting a dentist include (in no particular order):

  • Objectivity and communication skills: If the dentist willing to listen, to give some alternatives to treatment and explain the benefits and risks of such treatment. If they are willing to answer questions about the procedure
  • Clinical skills: If the patient is comfortable with the clinical skills of the dentist, either based on personal experience or the experience of friends and family members
  • Training and qualifications: All Singapore general dental practitioners have basic training in routine dental procedures. However, a person considering more specialised treatment, may consult a specialist (or more than one specialist) to determine if they are suitable for the particular procedure. Some dentists are also trained or qualified from countries such as Australia, USA, Canada or the UK. This may increase the comfort level of a patient since the training or qualification was from a country whose standards they are more familiar with
  • Experience: How much experience a dentist has with a particular procedure and how long they have been in practice
  • Continued professional development: Some dentists choose to attend Continuing Dental Education courses to keep current on clinical developments and innovations. Others teach at their local dental school or contribute scientific publication to professional journals
  • Dental team: If several different dental procedures are required, it's worth establishing if they can all be provided in the same clinic. If not, it would be a consideration in terms of multiple appointments with different clinics, travel time and communications between treating/referring dentists and familiarity with the dental team and staff
  • Accessibility: Some dentists make themselves accessible by providing an emergency number provided and other means of communication
  • Confidence level: Since twice yearly visits to the dentist are recommended to maintain dental health, it is important to feel comfortable with the chosen practise and to have confidence and trust in the dentist as this is a long term relationship

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