Dental Clinics in Singapore

The different options for dental care in Singapore, including clinics at government hospitals and private dental clinics...

There are a wide range of options for those seeking dental care in Singapore. These include:

  • Dental clinics at government hospitals: These mainly provide specialist services through referrals from polyclinics and other dentists. Waiting time at the government hospital dental clinics may be longer. The fees are generally fixed. Patients will be seen by dentists of various levels of seniority, from Registrars, to Associate Consultants to Senior Consultants. The fees are correspondingly higher if the patient is treated by a more senior dentist. The fees at these clinics are generally lower than at private dental clinics.
  • Private dental clinics: These can be found all over Singapore - in the Orchard Road tourist area, business district, shopping malls, medical centres, and the heartland (suburban) areas. The level of services offered and the fees charged can vary in private practice depending on several factors, including but not limited to:
    • whether the dentist is a specialist or a general practitioner
    • the complexity of the procedure
    • the type of procedure required
    • the experience and seniority of the dentist
    • the type of material used
    • the locality of the clinic

Some dental clinics are staffed by dentists who are internationally trained and qualified - which can provide some familiarity to a foreigner living in Singapore who comes from the country where those qualifications were obtained.

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