Singapore Emergency Telephone Numbers

Police, fire and ambulance services: who to call and what to say in an emergency or non-emergency situation...

Service Telephone
Police Tel: 999
Fire & Ambulance Tel: 995
Non-Emergency Ambulance Tel: 1777
Police Hotline Tel: 1800 255 0000 (non-emergencies) +65 6255 0000
Traffic Police Tel: 6547 0000

Call 999 only in an emergency. Do the following:

  • Give a clear description of the nature of the emergency
  • Give your name, telephone number and the location of the emergency
  • Stay on the phone; do not hang up

The police guarantee to answer a 999 call within 10 seconds and in urgent cases be on the scene within 15 minutes. For non-emergency matters, use the police hotline or contact the relevant Neighbourhood Police Centre.

  • For a listing of Neighbourhood Police Centres in Singapore: Click here

When using an international mobile telephone with a roaming provider dial 112 (GSM phone) or 911 to be redirected to the 999 emergency number.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is responsible for emergency ambulance services, which will take the patient to the nearest public ("restructured") hospital. For non-emergency medical situations, call 1777 for a private ambulance. Calling 995 in non-emergencies will result in a fine.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) investigates serious crimes including murder, firearm robberies, secret societies, illegal gambling, money laundering and counterfeit currency activities.

The Police Coast Guard patrols Singapore's territorial waters and protects its maritime activities.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is a uniformed organisation under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The organisation's main role is to provide fire fighting, rescue and emergency ambulance services as well as plan and enforce regulations on fire safety and civil defence shelter matters.

Further Information

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