Hospitals and Pharmacies

Learn about private and public hospitals, clinics and pharmacies in Singapore...


There are many private and public hospitals in Singapore, covering both general medical practice and specialist fields. Accident and Emergency departments can be found at all general hospitals.

There are six publicly-owned (or “restructured”) general hospitals in Singapore, which are accessible to everyone.These are:


Medical specialists and general practitioners working outside hospitals are attached to clinics. Specialist practitioners are directly approachable in Singapore, and do not require referral from a general practitioner. General clinics should be approached for undiagnosed and routine medical problems. Some clinics operate a 24-hour service.


Pharmacies in Singapore are located in all hospitals. Some clinics will also provide pharmaceutical services, and many independent pharmacies operate from their own retail premises on shopping streets. Many of Singapore’s pharmacies offer basic medical services like travel vaccination advice and blood pressure checks.

Picture courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board