Medical Conditions and Allergies in Singapore

Information on the treatment of routine medical conditions and broader epidemics in Singapore, as well as information on allergic reactions and the haze...

Singapore is home to a highly-rated healthcare system with extensive public provision, a large number of medical specialists in private practice and a busy medical tourism industry. However, its climate and location leave it vulnerable to outbreaks of infectious diseases, and periodic “haze” problems can cause reactions for allergy sufferers.

The pages in this section contain information on Dengue Fever, Mycoplasma, Malaria and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. More information can be found on the following sites:


Singapore is periodically affected by “haze”, a form of air pollution. Slash-and-burn land clearances in Indonesia produce large clouds of smoke, which can be carried over the Malacca Strait to Singapore and neighbouring Malaysia. This results in low visibility and a reduction in air quality, as measured by the Pollution Standards Index (PSI).

While PSI levels are rarely defined as “hazardous”, sufferers of various allergies and breathing difficulties may find that their condition is worsened by high background levels.

  • More information on haze can be found on the NEA Meteorological Service: Click here
  • The National Environment Agency provides a regular forecast of PSI levels and haze conditions: Click here
  • If air pollution reaches high or hazardous levels, advice can be found on the Singapore Government’s emergency 101 website: Click here