The Birth

Information on the birthing options available, plus details on vaccinations...

Birth nearly always takes place in a hospital maternity ward. The choice of hospital depends on the type of practice consulted.

  • Patients followed up by a gynaecologist practicing in a public hospital will almost certainly have the birth at that hospital
  • Patients followed up in the private sector would probably be encouraged to visit and tour any of the recommended private hospitals to find the one that they feel most comfortable with (some private specialists may make their individual preferences known)

Note: Specialists working in public hospitals are usually not accredited to conduct deliveries, surgeries or admissions in private hospitals. Conversely, private practitioners conduct their deliveries in a private hospital and not in public hospitals.

Pain relief and epidurals should be discussed with the gynaecologist before birth to ensure instructions are followed. This will speed up administration of the drugs because there will be no need to double check with the doctor if they are not in the hospital at the point at which the pain relief is requested.

Home births are not encouraged in Singapore in view of the potential risks and complications, most of which are easily averted in a hospital setting. Advocates of this practice would be hard pressed to find a doctor who is willing to bear the medico-legal risks involved in presiding over such a process.

After birth a health booklet is issued to the parents by the hospital. Vaccination and other information relating to the baby's health and development will be recorded in this booklet, so it is important to keep it safe.

A paediatrician will examine the baby and start the vaccinations.

Further Information

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