Support Groups in Singapore

English-speaking support groups and meetings for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), drug aid, family support groups, AIDS and more...

Singapore National Council of Social Services provides a number of community help lines covering many social issues.

Find below information and contact details for support groups and hotlines relating to addictions, cancer, HIV/AIDs, mental health, senior citizens, women's issues and help for children and families.


Alcoholics Anonymous provides help for people suffering from alcohol related problems

Al-Anon provides group support for the families of alcoholics. Al-Anon Singapore's website has details of the Al-Anon family group and where to find meeting venues.

Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA) provides a 24-hour helpline.

Psychological and Addiction Medicine Services (PAMS)

  • Psychological and Addiction Medicine Services (PAMS Hotline enquiry
    : 6379 080


Singapore Cancer Society for information about services and activities call.

Breast Cancer Foundation for breast-cancer patients and their families/care-givers.


Tinkle Friend Helpline, toll free helpline service for children aged from 7 to 12.

  • Tinkle Friend Helpline
    Tel: 1800 274 4788 (free)

Children's Cancer Foundation, support for parents with children suffering from cancer.

Child Welfare Section of the Ministry of Community Development.

  • Child Welfare Section
    Tel: 1800 258 6378

Autistic Association of Singapore for parents with autistic children. 

Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)

  • Tel: 6278 3970


Aids Information and Counselling Run by Action for Aids provides support and assistance to people living with HIV and AIDS (PWAs); to increase awareness, education and understanding of AIDS and HIV infection.

  • Action for Aids
    At: Action for AIDS, 21 Norris Road, Singapore 208263 
    Tel: 6254 0212 
    Fax: 6256 5903 

Anonymous Aids Testing: A walk-in anonymous AIDS testing service. Results are returned in approximately 20 minutes.

  • DSC Clinic
    At: Blk 31 Kelantan Lane, #02-16 (Off Jalan Besar), Singapore
    Open: Wednesday 18:30–20:00, Saturday 13:00–16:00

The Business Coalition on AIDS Singapore: Promotes educational training on HIV/AIDS which include role plays and interactive games. It works to help companies with the development of HIV/AIDS policies and procedures in the workplace (tailored to each company), holds executive briefings for companies and produces a manual specifically for Singapore businesses. BCAS is affiliated with the Asia Pacific Business Coalition which has offices around the Asia Pacific region.

Emotional and Mental Well-being

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) provides a 24-hour confidential service by trained volunteers who offer emotional support to people who are in crisis or thinking of suicide

Singapore Association of Mental Health -

  • Tel: 1800 283 7019

Senior Citizens

  • Seniors helpline
    Tel: 1800 555 5555

Women's Issues

Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)

    Tel: 1800 777 5555 

Pregnancy Crisis Service

  • Tel: 6339 9770

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