Gas, Electricity and Home Appliances

Information on the domestic power and gas options available, electrical voltage, types of wall socket plugs, and the television standards used in Singapore...


Singapore's standard electricity supply is 230 volts AC with a frequency of 50 hertz (230V/50Hz) and is provided by Singapore Power.

Plugs and sockets

Singapore uses a Type-G plug and for wall sockets. This is a flat three-pin plug (as used in the UK).

Types-D or -M (old UK round three-pin plugs) are also found.

Replacement plugs/flat two-pin and Euro round two-pin adapters are readily available.

Electrical appliances

A 120-volt electrical appliance designed for use in North America or Japan will not work in Singapore.

Electric appliances need to be 230V/50Hz (although appliances set for 220 to 240 volts will operate).


Gas Services are provided by Singapore Power.

For gas turn-on, call Singapore Power for an appointment after receiving the email confirmation of the account opening.


There are three main analogue television/video standards in use throughout the world: PAL, NSTC and SECAM. Televisions must use the PAL system to work in Singapore. However this is different to the UK/European PAL system.

TV sets from the USA, Canada and Japan (NSTC) will not work, and neither will those from France and Eastern Europe (SECAM).

Singapore's analogue TV signal was turned off in December 2013 and the DVB-T2 digital is standard.

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