Going Online in Singapore

The Internet options available to you in your home in Singapore...

Internet access accounts are available from any of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) listed below. Rates and pricing schemes differ from provider to provider. Some providers offer service bundles, in which broadband Internet, mobile telephone, landline telephone and TV can be paid for on one account.

A typical home Internet installation is wireless, with a WiFi router providing Internet access to a number of devices. Older dial-up and ADSL installations have been phased out in favour of cable and fibre-optic services. ISPs may offer 4G data plans for those who wish to use the Internet outside the range of their home router.

Document requirements on application are similar to those for a telephone line: a valid passport or employment pass and a utility bill or tenancy agreement. For Singaporeans and Permanent Residents only the NRIC number is required.

Home Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

There are many smaller companies offering customised Internet packages for home customers and businesses. For a full range of telecommunications providers, see the Angloinfo Singapore Business directory: Mobile, Telephone, Internet, VOIP & WiFi

It is also possible to access the internet from a number of public locations around Singapore, some of which are free to users of certain ISPs. See WiFi Access for more information.

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