Getting a Telephone Connection

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in Singapore and how to use public payphones...

Singapore Telecom (SingTel), M1 and StarHub provide telephone services, directory enquiry services, international direct dialling worldwide, broadband and 3G. While SingTel provides conventional copper-wire landline phone connections, meaning that if there is a power cut the phone line will still work. M1 and StarHub provide digital phones that use broadband lines. Installation fees are charged by all providers.

The process of putting in a new line depends on the provider, and whether the package includes bundled TV, broadband and mobile services. It also depends on whether the telephone uses an Internet connection or copper wires. For full details of phone plans from the three providers, see the following links:

To apply for a telephone line


Identification or a residence card is required to apply for a telephone line. This must be presented with the completed application form of the chosen service provider.

A telephone line can be applied for in a number of ways:

Change of address

Account holders can submit a change of address notification to the three telephone companies online:

Procedures such as account closure and account transfer may have to take place at a customer service centre.

International calling

Singapore's three telephone providers have several different international calling packages, offering higher quality at a higher price or lower quality at a budget price. Each is referred to by the three-digit code that needs to be dialled in order to make a call under that plan.


Local and long distance calls can be made from card-operated phones, and local calls from coin-operated phones. Phone cards are issued by various large and small providers, and can be purchased at all post offices, convenience stores and retail outlets throughout the city.

Further Information

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