Waste Disposal and Recycling in Singapore

Trash, garbage, rubbish and waste: find out how to dispose of it, and how recycling works in Singapore...

In Singapore, refuse policy is the responsibility of the National Environment Agency (NEA). Garbage collection and disposal is carried out by Public Waste Collectors (PWCs) contracted by the NEA, each of which serves a different area of Singapore.

The Singapore government places high importance on recycling, as landfill facilities are limited. Most non-recyclable household waste is burnt to generate electricity.

Garbage collection dates are decided by the PWCs in the areas they manage. There are four main refuse companies operating in Singapore. More information can be found on the website of the relevant PWC:

Collection fees are paid to Singapore Power as part of the combined household utility bill, and are then passed to the relevant PWC. Charges for garbage collection currently vary between providers, and therefore between areas. The NEA is gradually introducing a Uniform Fee (UF) structure that will harmonise disposal fees between areas.


Recycling is managed differently in Housing and Development Board (HDB) properties and privately-owned housing. In most districts, each HDB block is provided with large recycling bins into which mixed recycling can be thrown. Colour-coded bags are also provided for door-to-door collection, which occurs between 07:30 and 19:00 on the designated day. In some areas, one recycling bank is provided for five HDB blocks and a door-to-door collection takes place once every fortnight. Karung guni men, Singapore’s version of the rag-and-bone or junk collector, may also stop at HDB properties.

Paper, glass, metal and many types of plastics can be recycled in Singapore. Guidance can be found either near the recycling bin on the website of the relevant PWC.

Most privately-owned properties in Singapore have weekly door-to-door recycling collections, though this may occur fortnightly in certain districts. Garden waste collections can be arranged with the local PWC.

Large Objects

Collection of bulky waste, such as furniture and white goods, is by private arrangement with the local PWC or other waste disposal companies. In HDB blocks, bulky waste may be removed free of charge by the local town council upon arrangement.

Further Information

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