Wines and Spirits

Information about importing wines and spirits, including details of the duty-free concessions and how to import wine for personal consumption...

Wine is readily available and can be found through wholesalers and retailers, clubs and wine cellars.

Importing Wines and Spirits

Duty free wines and spirits can be brought into Singapore.

A traveller over 18 years of age arriving from countries other than Malaysia is entitled to duty-free concessions of 1 litre of spirits, 1 litre of wine and 1 litre of beer. There is no duty-free concession on cigarettes. Cigarettes (and liquors exceeding the duty-free concessions) should be declared to the Customs officers at the Red Channel for payment of duty and Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Importing wine for personal consumption

A relevant customs permit available from Singapore customs must cover the import of intoxicating liquor, including still wine, exceeding 10 litres.

The customs charges are as follows:

  • Cost of excise duty/ tax is a cost per litre of wine plus
  • Prevailing GST on cost of goods and duty/tax
  • The duty and GST is collected by the courier on delivery of the wine
  • The import of still wine is subject to a per litre and GST

If applicable, a local forwarding agent can be appointed if they are registered as a TradeNet user with Customs, to declare the relevant permit to cover the import, duty and GST payment for the dutiable items. A list of these companies can be obtained from one of the following websites:

For further assistance contact the ICA directly.

  • Victor Chia, Senior Manager
    At: Customs Call Centre for Director-General of Customs
    Singapore Customs

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