Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Information and links for tourists to Singapore, with details on must-see sights in the region...

Sentosa: There are many attractions to visit on this little island. Click here

The Underwater World houses 250 species of marine and maritime creatures that can be seen in their natural settings.

  • At: 80 Siloso Road Sentosa, Singapore 098969
    Tel: 6275 0030

Fort Siloso: Fort Siloso is the actual remains of a World War II fort that was used to house anti-ship guns. There are remains of many cannons, the barracks, the tunnels, ammo dump and other military installations used during WWII. This place is decorated with mannequins of soldiers in replica of WWII uniforms and equipment.

Hawker Centres: The hawker centres can be found in shopping centres and open air venues such as the Famous Newton Food Centre located near Newton MRT Station. All outlets are licensed and follow strict government guidelines. The food is generally excellent and very inexpensive.

Arab Street, China Town, Little India: These are places where pockets of Asian culture can be found in this multi-racial city. Singapore, a hundred years ago, was a place for many people of different races to work. To avoid racial clashes, each race was assigned to live in a separate part of town. The Chinese stayed at what is now known as Chinatown. Little India is just like a town in India because of the multitudes of Indians there. Arab Street has many Mosques and fabric shops.

Singapore Tour Walk: A tour of Singapore taking in some of the more unusual sights. No advance booking required; walks usually meet outside MRT stations. Click here for a schedule and further details.