Muay Thai in Singapore

Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, is an ancient martial art from Thailand, which is developing a following in Singapore. Find out why...

Muay Thai is a spectator sport, but also practiced for self defense and as workout alternative to traditional treadmill and weight lifting exercises.

Muay Thai Rules

Similar to most combat sports, fighters are classified according to their weight classes.

Fights start with the Wai Khru Ram Muay, a ritual in which the fighters dance and pay respect and homage to both their teachers and the deities. The literal translation is:

  • Wai: an action to show respect by putting the hands together
  • Khru: refers to teacher
  • Ram: a traditional Thai dance

The rules in a bout

  • A typical match is made up of five rounds of three minutes each and with a two minute rest interval
  • Depending on the agreement between the gyms (and the proficiencies of the fighters), moves such as elbows and knees strikes may be restricted
  • In Singapore, fighters must don full protective gear including headgear, chest protectors, foot/shin guards and mouth and groin guards (for male fighters)

Restricted moves and actions

Competitive Muay Thai is a striking art so generally, the strikes are generated while both fighters are standing. This is in contrast to arts such as wrestling, judo or Mixed Martial Arts where the competitors often are allowed to tumble or sprawl in the ring.

Moves which often result in a foul or warning include:

  • Bites and head butts
  • Wrestle, head, back or arm locks, or any similar hold
  • Use of abusive language (to the opponent or referee)
  • Hit or attempt to strike the opponent after the referee has called for a stop
  • Deliberate strike to opponent's groin area

Muay Thai Gyms in Singapore

A search on the internet produces information on the various Muay Thai gyms in Singapore. When choosing a gym consider the following factors:

  • Location (proximity to workplace or home)
  • Schedule of classes (mornings, afternoons, evenings)
  • Proficiencies of instructors
  • Pricing and package

Watching Matches

The fight scene in Singapore is not as developed as it is in Thailand and competitive matches are not held regularly. However, announcements on upcoming events are posted to the Muay Thai Singapore Forum and at the gyms.

The Amateur Muay Thai Association Singapore (AMAS) also works to promote the sport in Singapore at times by collaborating with other sports bodies in hosting joint events.

Further Information

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