Outdoor Activities in Singapore

Information on the facilities for outdoor activities in Singapore...

Singapore may be a small island, however there are still activities for outdoors enthusiasts to enjoy: hiking, biking, water sports, climbing, exploring the nature parks, golf and more.

Some interesting facts courtesy of Uniquely Singapore, the Singapore Tourist Board's web portal:

  • Singapore consists only of one main island and 63 other tiny islands. Most of these islands are uninhabited
  • The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore contains more species of trees than the entire North American continent
  • The highest natural point in Singapore is Bukit Timah Hill, which is only 164 metres high (Singapore has a very flat terrain)

National Parks

The Singapore government has set aside certain areas for recreation and leisure.

Water Sports

Singapore's climate makes it ideal for water sports all year round.

Most beaches are man-made, which means that there may be an unexpected drop from fairly shallow to deeper water in some places. This may cause problems for inexperienced swimmers.


The Singapore Mountaineering Federation (SMF) organises abseiling, rock climbing, mountaineering and sport climbing trips in and around Singapore and internationally.

Walks, Trekking and Hiking

Trekking refers to walking on trails. Probably the best place for trekking or hiking in Singapore is Bukit Timah Hill.

Pulau Ubin is an island off the north-eastern coast of Singapore. Bicycles can be rented at the village. The trails have been upgraded to facilitate trekking and basic amenities like toilets and shelters are available for the convenience of visitors.


There are several top-rate golf courses around the island. Most are members-only clubs but will entertain guest players.

Some clubs outside of Singapore have reciprocal arrangements with Singapore clubs. A person who is a member of a club in another country should check with that club if an arrangement exists with any of the clubs in Singapore.

There are some public courses that are open to the general public.

Other Outdoor Pursuits

Located on the eastern side of Pulau Ubin is a beach called Chek Jawa. Here one can find horseshoe crabs and sand dollars. There are sea-grass meadows that are home to carpet and peacock anemones, as well as coral rubble that houses various types of colourful sponges.

Visits to Chek Jawa are controlled to protect this fragile environment, and are only allowed at low tide.

  • For reservations, call the National Parks Board - Tel: 6542 4108
  • For more information see the Chek Jawa website

Places such as East Coast Park, West Coast Park and Pasir Ris Park and Sentosa Island are great for cycling, rollerblading and swimming.

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