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This should be regarded as a guide only and may be subject to change as determined by the appropriate authorities.

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Important Contact Numbers

Singapore Police Force 999
Police Coast Guard Tel: 6377 5539 / 6377 5540
Maritime Security Unit Tel: 6221 3127
Port Operations Control Centre Tel: 6325 2493 / 6325 2494
Marine Safety Control Centre Tel: 6325 2488 / 6325 2489
Maritime & Port Authority (MPA) Website


All visiting craft and craft registered in Singapore returning to Singapore from a foreign destination must follow the Immigration procedures outlined below. Masters and owners are responsible for compliance with these requirements.

Electronic Port Clearance

Singapore-registered pleasure crafts may apply for Electronic Port Clearance through their Club. Owners are required to submit a copy of the Marine Port Authority (MPA) craft registration and crew list one day in advance so that the EPC application can be processed.

Immigration clearance on board

All pleasure craft requiring immigration clearance must call at either Western Quarantine & Immigration Anchorage (Grid Ref: 4913D) or Changi General Purposes Anchorage (Grid Ref: 0319A).

The immigration craft can be contacted on VHF Channel 74. Additionally, the numeral pendants 2 and 5 can be displayed during the day and two green lights in a vertical line by night.

The following documents will need to be produced to the Immigration Officer on board:

  • Passports (with Singapore Immigration white card for any passengers who hold a foreign passport)
  • Four copies of the crew list and passenger list (if any)
  • A Crew Security Bond (Form 20) for visiting yachts

A stamped copy of the crew and passenger list will be returned for to the ship's Master.

Port Clearance

Within 24 hours of arrival, the Captain or representative must carry out Port Clearance for the yacht at the One-Stop-Document-Centre

  • One-Stop-Document Centre
    At: Maritime Port Authority, 7A Keppel Road #01-26 Tanjong Pagar Complex Singapore 089054
    Tel: 6325 2374

The following documents are required for inward port clearance:

  • Port Clearance Certificate of last port of call (original)
  • General Declaration (GD) form (two copies)

Once the arrival GD forms have been processed, a copy of these with a GDV Number will be issued and the Port Clearance Certificate will then be retained by the MPA officer.

All foreign passport holders are granted a two-week landing pass to stay in Singapore. Application for extensions may be made at the Immigration Office.


Port Clearance

Port Clearance application can be done within 24 hours prior to departure at the One-Stop-Document-Centre

  • One-Stop-Document Centre
    At: 7A Keppel Road #01-26 Tanjong Pagar Complex, Singapore 089054
    Tel: 6325 2374

The Captain or representative will have to produce the following documents for processing:

  • General Declaration Form, two copies, with the arrival GDV No.
  • Certificate of Registry or MPA Boat Licence - Original Copy (An unregistered yacht may produce its Bill of Sale)
  • Crew list (combined list of crew & passengers) - two copies
  • Arrival GD form
  • Cash for payment of Port Dues and Maritime Welfare Fee
  • A Singapore Port Clearance Certificate will be issued to the Captain and the yacht will be cleared to sail

Immigration clearance

For immigration clearance, the craft should proceed to either Western Quarantine & Immigration Anchorage (Grid Ref: 4913D) or Changi General Purposes Anchorage (Grid Ref: 0319A) and produce the following documents to the Immigration Officer onboard:

  • Passports (with the retained white card portion for passengers)
  • Crew list and Passenger list (if any), three copies of each
  • Stamped copy of the arrival crew list
  • Singapore Port Clearance Certificate

For immigration assistance at the various marinas contact the marina directly.

Pleasure Craft

The Pleasure Craft Security Code (PCSC) issued by the MPA advises on appropriate behaviour in preparedness, vigilance in navigation, good observation and proactive attitude to safety. Each craft should carry a copy of the PSCS.

  • Available from:
    Port Master's Office
    At: 7B Keppel Road, #19-07/09, Tangjong Pagar Comples, Singapore 089055
    Tel: 6325 2477 or 6325 2465
    Open: Monday to Friday 09:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00

Power Boats

Private Power Boat Driver's Licence

To take charge of a boat with an engine a licence is required.

Power boat training courses are held at the Changi Sailing Club, Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, Singapore Armed Forces Yacht Club and Raffles Marina. Contact the clubs for further details.

Races and Regattas

A permit must be obtained to organise or promote a race or regatta or any water sport within or near a port that could affect other craft using the area.

Applications should be made by fax or email to:

  • Marine Safety (MS) Section
    At: Port Marine Safety Department of MPA
    Fax: 6325 2807 or 6325 2484

The following supporting documents may be needed:

  • If the event is taking place in Singapore River or Kallang Basin the approval of the Police Coast Guard must be sought
  • A chart showing the course of the race or regatta (if applicable)

The permit usually takes five working days from the receipt of application but it is advisable to submit it at least two weeks in advance.

Sailing Clubs

For a complete list of sailing and water sports clubs: Click here

Related Information

  • Immigration Department
    At: Seamen's Section, SIR Building, 10 Kallang Road, Singapore 208718
    Tel: 6391 6477
  • Singapore Sailing Federation
    (Sailing for recreation on home waters and across the seas)
    At: 1500 East Coast Parkway, National Sailing Centre, Singapore 468963
    Tel: 6444 4555
  • Singapore Meteorology

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