Lost or Stolen Credit Cards, Mobile Cellular Phones and Work Permits

Who to call and what to do in the event of loss or theft of bank cards, cellular telephones and work permits in Singapore...

Missing credit cards, phones and work permits can be reported to banks using the numbers and other contact details listed below.

Lost Credit Cards

Call these numbers to report missing or stolen credit cards in Singapore:

American Express Tel: 1800 296 0220 during office hours
Tel: 1800 737 8188 after office hours
HSBC cards Tel: 1 800 227 8889
Visa Tel: 1800 227 6868
MasterCard/Choice Card Tel: 6227 8888
Diners Club Singapore Tel: 6416 0905 during office hours
Tel: 6292 7055 after office hours

Lost or Stolen Phones

SingTel Tel: 1800 333 0001
Fax: 6336 0977
StarHub Tel: 1800 782 7482 or 1633
Fax: 6280 5000
M1 Tel: 1627 (local)
Tel: +65 9680 1627 (international, IDD charges apply)

Lost or Stolen Work Permits and Green Cards

Report the loss or theft to the Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA):

Further Information

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