Using a Singapore Bank Account

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Depending on the bank and type of account chosen, the applicant will typically receive a cheque book, NETS card and/or ATM card. Some banks offer online banking that comes with an Online Security Device.

Network for Electronic Transfers (NETS)

NETS cards are issued by the Singaporean banks and are linked to a bank account for automatic debiting. NETS cards double as ATM cards and are widely used in Singapore.

ATM/debit cards

Some of the foreign banks have ATM cards that can now also be used as debit cards. Check with the preferred bank if this is a required feature.


  • Cheques should be crossed by drawing two diagonal parallel lines on the upper left corner of the cheque. This way the cheque can only be paid into the account of the payee stated
  • Cross out the words "or bearer" at the end of the line for the payee's name, to ensure that only the payee can deposit the cheque. If the cheque is not crossed in this way any person will be able to cash it at any bank
  • Always write the amount in words followed by the word "only" to ensure that nothing can be added. The numbers must be identical to the words
  • Corrections must have a full signature against them.
  • The date is written as dd/mm/yy

Other Ways to Pay

Cash Cards

Cash Cards are prepaid debit cards and can be purchased from 7-Eleven stores, service stations and local banks. Cash Cards are commonly accepted for low value retail purchases, shops, parking fees, and government offices, and for ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) deductions. They can be topped up using a NETS card or via the internet. 7-Eleven outlets will top them up for a small fee.

Further Information

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