General Taxes

Information on capital gains tax, trusts and estate duty with details on who is liable to pay what amount, when and to what organisation...

The Inland Revenue Authority Singapore (IRAS) manages Singapore tax collection.

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is levied on some commercial and legal documents concerning transactions. It must be paid even if the transaction is eventually aborted.

Not all documents are subject to duty; stamp duty is usually only payable on documents relating to immovable property, stocks and shares. These include a sale or mortgage of immovable property, as well as shares or leases of immovable property.

Estate Duty

There is no estate duty payable for deaths on and after 15 February 2008.


Any resident beneficiaries of a trust income will be assessed on the income received by them at their personal tax rates in the year of assessment. Beneficiaries have to declare the entitlement of income in their personal income tax forms. However, where there are non-resident beneficiaries of Singapore, the trustee will have to pay tax on their shares of entitlement.

  • The IRAS website has more information trust

Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains are not subject to tax in Singapore. For instance, if a person buys and sells shares at a profit, the profit is not subject to tax. However, the dividends earned from shares are income and subject to income tax.

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