Leaving Singapore

A checklist of things to do when leaving Singapore...

Basic reminders of what needs to be done when leaving Singapore:

  • Make arrangements with a removals firm
  • Book a hotel or service apartment if needed
  • Make quarantine arrangements for pets
  • Inform banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, and other organisations of the move
  • Inform utility providers to close accounts and return any deposits
  • Settle outstanding tax bills
  • Arrange to cancel Employment Pass/Dependant's Pass (can only be done after tax is settled)
  • Cancel or convert any club memberships
  • Get updated family medical and dental records
  • Get updated children's school records
  • Check that all passports are valid (they often need 6 months validity remaining)
  • Check which inoculations are advisable/required for the next destination

See the Business Directory for a list of:

Picture courtesy of Singapore Airlines