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How to get in touch with Changi Airport in Singapore. Up-to-the minute flight information on arrivals, links to taxis, lost property and airport information...

Changi Airport is the main airport in Singapore and is served by over 80 airlines with more than 4,000 weekly scheduled flights to 181 cities in 57 different countries worldwide.

  • See the Changi Airport website for all information about using Changi Airport, including flights, accommodation, travel to/from the airport, car parking and much more.
Flight Arrival /Departure Information
24-hour flight information: voice-activated enquiry hotline (toll-free) Tel: 1800 542 4422
24-hour flight information: call from overseas Tel: +65 6542 4422
Current flight arrivals/departures from Changi Airport Website

Information can be found below on the different terminals found in Changi Airport, on the requirements needed to pass immigration clearance, what to do if you lose property, how to find a taxi, about the Passenger Meeting Service, services for the disabled and WiFi access in the airport.


Changi Airport has the following terminals:

  • Terminal 1
  • Terminal 2
  • Terminal 3

The terminals are linked by a free skytrain service which operates daily between 06:00 and 01:00. The service is frequent (average waiting time is two minutes) and quick (average time to travel between Terminals 1 and 2 is one minute). If the skytrain is not operating, passengers can use the travellators.

  • For detail on how to get around the airport: Click here

There is a wide range of public transport for travel between the airport and the city.

Immigration Clearance

All travellers must pass through immigration clearance on arrival in Singapore. There are a number of basic entry requirements which visitors must satisfy:

  • A passport, valid for at least six months
  • Singapore visa, if necessary (For immigration information: Tel: 6391 6100 or see the Immigration department website)
  • Sufficient funds for the intended stay
  • Confirmed onward travel tickets and entry facilities (e.g. visas) for any onward destination (if applicable)

Prohibited items

  • For a list of items which may not be brought into Singapore, see the airport arrivals guide: Click here

Lost Property

  • Terminal 1: To make a report for items lost or misplaced within Terminal 1, call the toll-free line at 1800 542 9727 (International +65 6542 9727)
  • Terminal 2: To make a report for items misplaced within Terminal 2, call the toll-free line at 1800 542 9792 (International: +65 6542 9792)
  • Terminal 3: To make a report for items misplaced within Terminal 3, call 6307 8555 (International: +65 6307 8555)

In cases where items are left on the plane, contact the airline directly for assistance.

Left Baggage Counters

Baggage can be left securely, short-term, at the airport's Left Baggage counters. This allows a passenger in transit to leave the terminal. The counters are open 24 hours a day, there is a fee payable.

  • Information and enquiries: email
  • See the Left Baggage page on the Changi Airport website: Click here

Left Baggage counters are located at:

Terminal 1
Near Sincere Watch at Transit Mall East, Level 2
Tel: (65) 6214 0318
Basement West, Public Area Tel: (65) 6214 0628
Terminal 2
Behind Chocolates.Candy.Delicatessen at Transit Mall South, Level 2
Tel: (65) 6214 0448
Arrival Hall North, Public Area, Level 1 Tel: (65) 6214 1683
Terminal 3
Basement 2, next to the glass lifts (Passenger Lift 3,2 and 1)
Tel: (65) 6242 8936,


There is a constant flow of regular taxis at each terminal and these are easily accessible. Contact the counter in the Arrivals hall or call one of the following:

  • Comfort and Citycab - Tel: 6552 2828
  • SMRT Taxis - Tel: 6555 8888

Passenger Meeting Service

The Passenger Meeting Service, situated in the Arrival halls of both Terminals 1 and 2, can meet and escort business associates, VIP guests and friends on behalf of any person.

Services provided at the Passenger Meeting Service counters include:

  • Normal/VIP Meet & Greet Services
  • Handover of air tickets and visas to passengers
  • Immigration clearance for foreign workers, employment pass holders and other workers
  • Reservations must be made three to five days in advance for VIP Meet & Greet services.
    Contact the operator at:
    • Terminal 1 Tel: 6546 8168
    • Terminal 2 Tel: 6542 2848
    • Terminal 3 Tel: 6247 5477

Services for the Disabled

These services must be pre-booked with the airline. There are wheelchair and disabled washroom facilities.

WiFi Access at the Airport

The airport-wide Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) in Changi Airport covers the T1 and T2 central transit lounges, Departure halls, Arrival halls, including baggage claim areas, all airline lounges, F&B outlets, as well as all T1 and T2 gatehold rooms.

Members of the public and transit passengers can get wireless Internet access by subscribing with StarHub. Wireless Internet access is also available to users with roaming accounts such as iPass and GRIC/GoRemote. Walk-in users can purchase time-based wireless Internet access.

There are many computer terminals available free of charge for passengers to access the Internet.

Airfreight Operations at Changi Airport

These operations are centred on the Changi Airfreight Centre (CAC), a 47-hectare area which functions around the clock. The CAC is designated a Customs Free Trade Zone (FTZ). This means that all trans-shipment cargo may be broken down and re-consolidated without any customs formalities.

General Recommended Inoculations

A certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever is required for persons over one year of age who have been in or passed through any country classified either partly or wholly as a yellow fever endemic zone within the previous six days. The countries formerly classified as endemic zones are considered by the Singapore authorities to be still infected.

Vaccinations against Cholera,Typhoid and Polo are also recommended.

Hepatitis A and E are widespread; Hepatitis B is present at a very high rate in the population of Singapore.

Rabies is present. For those at high risk, vaccination before arrival should be considered. If bitten, seek medical advice without delay.

HIV testing is required for workers who earn less than S$1250 per month and for applicants for permanent resident status.

Foreign test results are not accepted. Singapore is Malaria free, however Dengue Fever is on the rise. No Dengue vaccine is available.

Further Information