Getting a Driving Licence in Singapore

How to obtain a Singaporean driving licence to drive a car or motorbike...

You can find details below of the procedures required to qualify for a Class A Driving Licence for motor cars with manual gearing and for a Class B Riding Licence for motorcycles in excess of 400cc.

Class 3 Driving Licence

In order to get a Singapore class 3 driving licence for motor cars, an applicant must complete the following:

  1. Basic Theory Test (BTT)
  2. Final Theory Test
  3. Practical Driving Test

After successfully passing the BTT the applicant can apply for a Provisional Driving Licence (PDL,) which is required before taking driving lessons on the road.

1. The Basic Theory Test

The BTT can be taken at official test centres.

The following paperwork is required on application:

  • Identity card
  • The fee for a driving theory test

The test is multiple-choice. It is advisable to study carefully for the theory test as there are can be strangely-worded 'Singlish' questions. Results are issued immediately following the test. Results are not given over the telephone. 

Get a Provisional Driving Licence

Having passed the BTT, a Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) will be issued. Application for a PDL can be made at any of the test centres. The PDL allows the learner driver to take driving lessons on the road but only if accompanied by a certified driving instructor.

The following paperwork is required for a PDL:

  • Identity card
  • The BTT result slip
  • The fee payable for the issuing or renewal of a PDL (a PDL is valid for six months)

An eye test will be conducted at the point of application.

  • A holder of a PDL may not use the expressway
  • An "L" plate must be displayed at the rear of the car

2. Final Theory Test

The Final Theory Test can be booked and taken at an official test centre.

3. Practical Driving Test

The Practical Driving Test must be passed within two years of passing the Final Theory Test.

To apply, produce the following documents at the driving centre:

  • Identity card
  • PDL
  • Final Theory Test result slip
  • The application fee

If the learner successfully passes the practical test, they will be issued with a driving licence and enter a one year probationary period.

Class 2B Riding Licence

In order to obtain the Class 2B Riding Licence for motorcycles in excess of 200cc, both the Motorcycle Riding Theory Test and the Practical Riding Test must be passed. The practical test must be passed within one year of passing the theory test.

Learners should enrol as a student at any of the Singapore driving centres.

Motorcycle riding theory test

When applying for the theory test, applicants are required to produce:

  • Identity card
  • The fee payable at the time

Practical riding test

For the practical test applicants must produce:

  • Identity card
  • PDL
  • The result slip of the theory test
  • The fee payable at the time

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