Exchanging a Foreign Driving Licence in Singapore

Is your driver's licence valid? Find out if it is and if not, how to exchange it for a Singapore one...

Foreigners in Singapore may drive on a valid foreign licence for up to 12 months. If the licence is not in English it must be accompanied by an official translation or an International Driving Permit (IDP) available from home country automobile associations or the Automobile Association of Singapore.

Any foreigner staying in Singapore longer than 12 months must exchange their licence for a Singaporean one before the year is over.

A Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) must convert their foreign licence after becoming a PR.

Exchange Conditions

Three conditions apply for a licence to be converted:

  1. The licence holder must have been resident in the issuing country for six-months after receiving the licence
  2. At the point of applying for a conversion, the licence holder must have had it for a minimum of six months
  3. A PR must have been issued with the foreign licence before becoming a PR

The driving licence has no expiry date for Permanent Residents (PR) and Singaporeans. However, Employment Pass holders, Work Permit holders and Dependant Pass holders must renew their licence every five years.

Applying for a Licence Conversion

Documents to produce during registration in person:
  • NRIC/Valid passport and work permit/student pass/employment pass.

Payment by NETS or Cashcard only.

You may contact the Traffic Police at 6547 0000 or check with the Traffic Police counter at the driving centres for any other matters pertaining to the conversion of your foreign driving license during their operating hours.

Monday - Friday: 0830hrs - 1700hrs

Saturday: 0830hrs - 1230hrs

Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

Application must be made to an official Singapore test centre;

Bukit Batok Driving Centre Ltd

Singapore Safety Driving Centre Ltd

ComfortDelGro Driving Centre at Ubi

The applicant must first complete a Basic Theory Test (BTT) which ensures they understand the Singaporean road rules.

The Basic Theory Test (BTT)

All test centres offer the BTT. The test can be booked online or at the schools' self-service kiosks.

The candidate can choose and book from a list of test dates, timings and locations, depending on availability. Test dates can be cancelled and changed online. There is a small administration fee.

A candidate must produce:

  • An identity card (Passport and Singapore green card)
  • Basic Theory booking slip/receipt

Basic Theory Tests are multiple-choice and available in written, oral and computerised versions. In general, there are more test slots for computerised BTTs. The computerised test candidates answer questions on a touch-screen computer. Simple instructions are provided on the computer screen to guide candidates through the questions. An invigilator will also be present to provide a short briefing before the test and assist if necessary during it. Candidates have one hour to complete the test. It is advisable to study carefully for the theory test as there are can be strangely-worded 'Singlish' questions.

After the test, candidates will be able to see their results on the computer screen.

Exchanging the licence

Once the Basic Theory Test has been taken and passed, apply in person at any of the three driving test centres where the theory test was taken. Application can be made immediately after the test provided the person has successfully passed.

Other enquires about licensing can be made at:

  • The Licensing Section, Traffic Police Department
    At: 10 Ubi Avenue 3, Singapore 408865
    Tel: 6547 1818
    Fax: 6547 4900

The following documents must be produced:

  • Valid licence. If the licence does not show the date on which it was first issued, the Traffic Police may have to contact the issuing authority. A foreign licence must be translated if it is not in English
  • Confirmation of residence in the country of issue for a continuous period of six months (a passport and other official documents will be needed),
  • Confirmation that the foreign driving licence was obtained during the period in the issuing country
  • Proof of stay in Singapore
  • The result slip from the Basic Theory Test
  • One passport-size colour photograph with white background
  • The fee

Overseas students must produce proof of six months' stay in the country, (for example, educational transcripts or Letter of Acceptance into the Educational Institution) and the relevant visa in the passport

Those employed overseas must produce a Letter of Employment or Income Tax Returns or supporting documents from your employer and the relevant Employment Pass in the passport

For Malaysian licence holders, an extract from Jabatan Pengangutan Jalan (JPJ) is compulsory

The Singapore Police Force website has more information on converting a foreign driving licence.

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