Speed Limits, Drink Driving and the Electronic Road Pricing Scheme

Understand how to act on the road, including details on rates, penalties and the Electronic Road Pricing Scheme...

A book on the Highway Code can be bought from any of the three driving test centres and at most book shops in Singapore. Currently there is nothing available online.

Speed limits vary from as low as 40 Km in some urban areas to 80/90 Km on expressways.

Drink Driving

The legal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

Electronic Road Pricing Scheme (ERP)

The ERP system is designed to moderate traffic flow along popular roads and the Central Business District (CBD). Drivers have to pay to enter. All cars in Singapore should be fitted with a special device, the In-Vehicle Unit (IU), which holds a stored-valued CashCard which automatically deducts the fee for each ERP gantry, when going through the Restricted Zone or CBD.

ERP CashCards can store up to S$500, and are available at all Singapore banks, post offices and petrol stations. (The card can be used for other cash transactions in supermarkets, petrol stations and parking.) The deposit of S$2 is refundable when the card is returned.

Cards can be topped up at any Singapore Bank automatic teller machine (ATM). Top-ups can also be done in any 7-eleven store for a small fee.

Note: ERP charges can be paid by credit card. For a monthly subscription of $2.50 register at either of the following:

A successful application will be notified by email in 3 to 7 days. The service will then be activated.

Details of the Car registration and the IU (in-vehicle Unit) number will be required. If using this method of payment there is no need to have a cash card in the IU. The gantry will register the IU when passing through and will communicate with the registered credit card. The credit card does not need to be in the IU.

The cost of ERP depends on the time of entry and the roads travelled.

Anyone caught entering the ERP gantry without an In-Vehicle Unit, a CashCard or sufficient balance on the CashCard will be photographed by the gantry camera and subsequently fined.

Foreign registered vehicles

Foreign registered cars without a In-Vehicle Unit can opt to use ERP roads for a fixed daily rate. This will be deducted from the Autopass Card.

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