Public Transport in Singapore

Details and contact information on the island-wide public transport system of buses, MRT "metro" and the light rail service...

The Public Transport system is extremely efficient, with frequent and reliable bus, railway (MRT) and light railway (LRT) services. Public transport is regulated by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), and the two principal providers are SBS Transit and SMRT.

Exact change is required if paying in cash for the bus train or metro (avoidable when using a smart card).

Note: No animals are permitted on public transport, with the exception of guide dogs.

Park & Ride Scheme

To alleviate congestion during peak traffic times, Park & Ride (P&R) allows registered members to park their car at a convenient depot close to an MRT station or bus interchange. Members receive a Season Parking Ticket and a P&R card. The P&R card permits free travel on buses and railways. Both are valid for one month. Only drivers with a Singapore registered vehicle are eligible.

  • For more information on P&R from Transitlink: Click here

Discounted Fares

TransitLink, a subsidiary of the LTA, provides discounted fare schemes for children, school pupils, university students, senior citizens and military personnel.

  • For more details of available discount schemes: Click here

Smart Cards

Two stored-value smart cards can be used to pay for transport: EZ-Link cards and NETS FlashPay cards. They can be used on buses as well as MRT and LRT services. Both can be topped up online, in TransitLink ticket offices, at Add Value Machines or at General Ticketing Machines. They can also be used to pay for a variety of other goods and services.

Applications, top-ups and many other services are available online from the EZ-link and NETS websites.

Further Information

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TransitLink, a subsidiary of the Land Transport Authority, provides information on concession cards, fares, and park & ride schemes.