Buying a New Car in Singapore

Information on the process of buying a car in Singapore, including the documents required and where they must be sent...

There are no specific restrictions or regulations affecting a foreigner buying a vehicle in Singapore. The process is the same as it is for a Singaporean citizen.

Buying a New Car

New cars can be bought through dealerships, and some dealers have a monopoly on the makes of cars that they import. Dealerships and car dealers are usually willing to make a trade-in deal on any used car.

To buy a new car the purchaser must provide proof of identity. Most dealerships will handle all the administrative work, including registering the vehicle. However, some may ask the buyer to arrange the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) themselves. It may sometimes be cheaper to bid for the COE in person.

Car prices are generally high, mainly due to taxes and the COE. If a loan is taken out, the buyer must have proof of income. Though dealerships may partner with a financier to offer vehicle loans, it is advisable to shop around.

  • For more information on the COE: Click here
  • For details of the Certificate of Entitlement from the Land Transport Authority: Click here

Further Information

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