Selling a Car in Singapore

Information on the process of selling your car in Singapore, including how to advertise your car and the documents required...

Used cars can be advertised in the motoring magazines and websites listed below.

The Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF) system may affect an owner's decision to sell:  PARF is a fiscal incentive used by the administration to encourage drivers to de-register their vehicles at the end of the Certificate of Entitlement's ten-year lifespan.  It is designed to offset the initial registration fees of a vehicle, and is calculated on the basis of the car's age and original open market value.  A vehicle deregistered before it reaches an age of five years will be eligible for a PARF of up to 130% of its original open market value, and this amount can be requested in cash.  Deregistered vehicles do not have to be scrapped: they can also be exported.

  • For an explanation of PARF and a table of rates from One Motoring: Click here

The following documents are needed to sell a used car:

  • A completed Transfer of Ownership form (M01): Click here
  • Identification documents
  • Inspection certificates (if necessary)

Advertising a car for sale

Further Information

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