Training Employment Passes and Training Work Permits

Details of eligibility, the process and paperwork needed to apply for a Training Employment Pass or a Training Work Permit...

These training passes and permits can be applied for by foreigners undergoing practical training in Singapore.

Training employment passes are suitable for those who are training for professional jobs, whereas Training Work Permits are meant for unskilled or semi-skilled foreigners who are receiving training in Singapore.

Training Employment Pass

A Training Employment Pass is for foreigners engaged in practical training for jobs of a professional, managerial, executive or specialist nature in Singapore.


As with Employment Passes, applicants must fulfil certain criteria as to salary and qualifications. If the applicant is an undergraduate, the training must be part of their degree programme from an accepted educational institution.

Companies can also bring employees from their foreign offices/subsidiaries to Singapore for training of a professional or executive nature.

For those who are not eligible for a Training Employment Pass may wish to go for a Training Work Permit.

Training Work Permit

A Training Work Permit is for unskilled or semi-skilled foreigners who are engaged in practical training in Singapore. This permit is an alternative to the Training Employment Pass, so those not eligible for a Training Employment Pass can go for a Training Work Permit. Employers will be charged a levy for the use of this permit.


Applicants will not be eligible for this permit if they:

  • are in possession of a Short-Term Pass for Social Purposes (excluding Malaysians)
  • have a basic salary of more than S$2,500 and/or who hold recognised tertiary or professional qualifications
  • For further information: Click here

How to apply

The pass can be applied for via WPOL or via SingPost (the MOM-appointed collecting agent). An additional document - a detailed training programme stating the objective, type, location and duration of training - must be provided.

Further Information

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