Work Permits (WP)

Details of eligibility, the process and paperwork needed to apply for a work permit...

A Work Permit is needed for any skilled or unskilled foreigner with a basic monthly salary of not more than S$1,800.

The employer must apply to the Controller of Work Permits (MOM) for a Work Permit (WP) for every relevant foreign worker. A Work Permit is usually valid for two years, subject to the validity of the worker's passport, their Banker's Guarantee, or their period of employment, whichever is shortest. The worker may only work for that employer and in the occupation stated in the Work Permit.

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The types of job available to foreign unskilled workers are limited and strictly controlled, and a government levy is payable for each foreign worker. On top of that a S$5,000 Security Bond is required for each worker employed.

Applications and payments are the sole responsibility of the employer who must ensure that they have received an In-Principle Approval before bringing a foreign worker (non-Malaysian) into Singapore. Applications can be made online via the MOM's WPOL (Work Permit Online) service or at any SingPost post office (MOM-appointed Collecting Agent). Online application is a great deal quicker - the WP will be available next day, compared with seven working days for manual applications.

Procedure to apply for a Work Permit for a foreign worker

Apply for In-Principle Approval online via the MOM's WPOL service or manually. Once this is confirmed the employer can then arrange for the worker to enter the country.

The employer must request Issuance of a Work Permit – again online or manually – within 14 days of the worker's arrival in Singapore.

The worker must undergo a medical examination and must be certified fit to work by a registered medical practitioner.

The foreign worker must be registered at the Work Pass Services Centre (WPSC). The worker will be issued with a Notification Letter which they should take within seven days to:

  • WPSC
    At: Tanjong Pagar Complex, 7 Keppel Road, #02-27/29, Singapore 089053

The worker will be photographed and fingerprinted for their Work Permit card.

Collect Work Permit card from WPSC – this can be done by the worker, the employer or an authorised representative.

Renewal and cancellation of a Work Permit

Work Permits can be renewed electronically - applications for renewal should be made at least 30 days before expiry of the WP.

The employer must cancel the WP on termination of the worker's employment, or on expiry of the worker's WP if they do not wish to renew it. A WP can be cancelled electronically via WPOL.

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