Special Needs Education

Understand what kind of assistance is available for children with special needs in the South Korean school system…

According to Korean Law No.13-1 of 2011 schools may not discriminate or refuse admission based on learning difficulties or special needs.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology provides free education for children with physical and intellectual disabilities from the age of five to 18. Currently, there are 29 special schools in Seoul and 754 classes nationwide.

According to Korean law, there must be at least one school in each province to cater for children with special learning needs. In many cases, children with disabilities are included in mainstream education.

Students who spend a lot of time in hospital for medical treatment can study online while at hospital.

To enrol a child at a school for special needs, the child first has to be registered as a child with a disability at their local district office (dong or gu), and then parents can make an application at the school of their choice.

Not all international schools in South Korea cater for children with special educational needs; check with the relevant school.