Postal Services in South Korea

Information on the postal system in South Korea with details on post boxes, sending letters, parcels and registered mail and mail forwarding services...

In South Korea post offices can be recognised by their red sign with a distinctive logo of three swallows. They are open from 09:00 until 17:00 in winter and until 18:00 the rest of the year. They are shut at weekends and on holidays.


Stamps can be purchased at post offices. The Korea Post website includes a "Stamp Shop" link. However, the link is only available in Korean.

  • To use the Stamp Shop service: Click here (and select "Stamp Shop" from the "Quick Menu" on the right)

Domestic mail services

The mail services offered by Korea Post for delivery within South Korea are described below. The cost of all Korea Post standard delivery services are given on their website.

Priority mail

The priority mail service is available throughout the country and delivery is faster than with standard delivery. To use this service blue priority mail stickers should be purchased from a post office and put on the item to be posted. Detailed information provided at post offices should be checked before using this service to post items to remote islands or mountainous areas of the country.

Domestic express mail

Letters or documents which need to be delivered urgently can be sent using the domestic express mail service. The sender can specify the time at which they would like their item to be delivered. Packages of up to 30 Kg can be sent using this service. Delivery on the same day that an item is posted is possible.

International mail services

The international mail services which are available via Korea Post are described below. The cost of postage in South Korea depends on the destination and the size and type of letter, or parcel, being posted. Korea Post has guidelines for the size and weight limits for their different classifications.

  • To view the South Korea mailing guidelines: Click here

The "Rates and Fees" section of the Korea Post website allows customers to find the cost of posting items to a particular country using their different services.

  • To search the rates and fees section: Click here

Registered mail

The registered mail service provides guaranteed delivery and the progress of a posted item is recorded from when it is posted until it is delivered. Customers are given a receipt for their package which can be used to claim compensation should the item fail to be delivered or be damaged in transit. Customers can request to be informed that their item has been successfully delivered.

International express mail

This is a special rapid mail service which allows people to send items to other countries which also have an express mail system in place. This service delivers letters, parcels and documents in the fastest way possible, using an agreement between the postal services of 143 countries. Delivery usually takes between two and four days. Delivery takes slightly longer for items that require customs clearance. The following items cannot be sent using this service:

  • Money or credit cards
  • Drugs
  • Microfilm
  • Money remittances
  • Some items specific to the country of delivery

The maximum weight of items that can be sent via this service varies between 15 and 30 Kg depending on the regulations of the destination country.

  • For more information on the express mail service: Click here

Insured letters

People wishing to send valuable items such as bank cheques or important documents can opt to insure the item for an amount they choose. This service is only available in post offices in which customs officials work. The amount an item can be insured for cannot exceed its cost. The following items can be insured:

  • Jewellery and valuables
  • Cheques
  • Documents with financial value (for example stamps and train tickets)
  • Items which pass the customs regulations of the receiving country if the delivery is overseas

The following items may not be sent as an insured letter:

  • Any item prohibited by international mailing service rules
  • Flammable or explosive items
  • Narcotics
  • Pornographic material
  • Items not allowed in the receiving country if the delivery is overseas

Recorded delivery

The recorded delivery service gives the sender a receipt and the contents of the package are recorded. The delivery process is the same as for ordinary mailing services; the process of the delivery is not recorded. If an item delivered using this service is lost the cost of postage will be reimbursed. This service is offered in all post offices and is available for both shipping and air mail services.

Financial services

Korea Post also offers a range of banking services. This Internet banking service, which is called e-POSTBANK, is directly run by the Korean government and offers secure banking services. It allows users to move money, view their account details and access information services without visiting a post office. The banking services available include a variety of deposit and savings accounts, as well as bonds. Insurance services are also available including health, traffic, employee, cancer treatment, personal and home insurance products.

  • To find out more about the banking and insurance services available through Korea Post: Click here (and select English in the top right of the screen)