Electricity and Gas

Find out how to get connected to electricity and gas suppliers in South Korea...

Kepco is the only electricity supplier in South Korea.

  • Korea Electricity Power Corporation
    At: 512 Youngdong dae ro, Gang nam gu, Seoul 135-791
    Tel: 123 (dial 7 to reach an English-speaking operator) open 24/7 for all enquires: new accounts, moving house and power cuts

Getting connected

Electricity services can be applied for at a local KEPCO office, online or by mail. The only documents needed to arrange electricity supply is proof of identification. Assuming that a connection to the electricity network is already in place, electricity supply can generally be arranged within 24 hours of an application being made. If outside wiring is required for connection, a date to start electricity supply will be agreed with the customer.

Bills and meter readings

An electricity bill is issued every month and is based on a monthly meter reading. The bill can be paid in the following ways:

  • At a bank
  • By bank transfer
  • At a 24/7 convenience store
  • Online
  • By monthly direct debit
  • For further information about paying a KEPCO electricity bill: Click here

Foreigners with three children or more in Korea are entitled to a 20 percent discount on their electricity bill. To apply for this discount, visit a local branch with a foreign registration card and fill in the form. Foreigners must renew their electricity connection every year.

In certain flats in Korea, the electricity bill is added to the management fee by the flat complex. In this case, new tenants or owners do not need to contact KEPCO to open a new account, or when they move out.

Moving/disconnecting services

When moving out, tenants or owners should call KEPCO's customer care centre to get a meter reading, or go online to find out the outstanding balance.

If the electricity bill is included in a management fee, contact the management office to clear the balance.


There are a number of domestic gas suppliers in South Korea. Connection and service information can be found by contacting the company that delivers in the area. It is usually necessary to provide proof of identification and a foreign registration card to arrange connection. Some of the major providers are: