Skiing in South Korea

Information about some of the main ski resorts in South Korea...

There are ski resorts all around South Korea and new ones are continually being developed. Many are in Gangwon-do Province, as it has the highest annual snowfall in the country. Most of the resorts are well equipped and offer luxury accommodation and all modern amenities. It is possible to rent equipment at the resorts. Many of the resorts also have spas and a variety of other sports and leisure facilities on offer. Most of the resorts can be reached by bus from Seoul. Some of them have artificial snow machines to allow visitors to make the most of the winter season. Lessons for people of all levels are available at the resorts.

The biggest resort in the country is Yongpyong at the foot of Palwang Mountain. It is about 200 Km east of Seoul and receives an average of 250cm of snow each year. Skiing and snowboarding are possible at the resort from mid-November until April. As well as traditional slopes, some of which are of international competition standard, the resort has half pipes, ramps, and a terrain park which has received very good reviews.

Muju, or Deogyusan, is also a major ski resort with slopes for skiers of all levels. It is in Deogyusan National Park and is one of the most important resorts in Asia. The resort is home to both the longest (the Silk Road) and steepest (Raiders) slopes in the country. There are also dedicated sledging runs.

The Alpensia resort is small and has six skiing, snowboarding and sledging slopes connected via high speed lifts. The resort also has a dedicated area for experienced snowboarders and areas for biathlon and cross country skiing. It will be the main venue for the 2018 winter Olympics and new facilities are currently under construction.

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