Activities for Toddlers

Information on playgroups, toddler groups and activities for kids in South Korea...

Toddler Groups

Central and local governments do not fund toddler groups. Instead, children's classes such as music, crafts, and sports are organised by children's libraries, museums, art/leisure centres and shopping centres. Parents should contact their local facilities to find out about and register for classes.

Seoul city runs a Green Toy Library from which toys can be rented. It is open to all Seoul residents, who pay an annual fee of KRW 10,000. Foreigners need their foreigner registration card to register.

  • Green Toy Library in Seoul City
    At: Uljiro subway station, 89-11, Uljiro 1 ga, Jung Gu, Seoul
    Tel: 02 753 0222
  • To find a local children's library: Click here (in Korean)
  • To view a list of places to visit with children in Seoul City, Kyung Ki and Incheon: Click here (in Korean)

Activities for Toddlers

Most apartment complexes are equipped with children's playgrounds, which comply with children's safety regulations. There are also numerous outdoor parks. Zoos, children's swimming pools, and themed play parks are found throughout the country. Generally, children's play areas are well maintained and safe. While there are few indoor playgrounds, most big department stores and shopping centres have children's play areas. Most playgrounds in South Korea are designated no-smoking zones.

Major cities have "Kids' cafés" which are geared for toddlers and their parents. They provide children's meals, toys and play areas, and parents can also buy children's goods.

Children's Safety

Children under six years old must be seated in a car seat, in the rear of the car. Children under 12 must wear a seat belt when sitting in the rear of the car.

Childsafe (in Korean) is a non-governmental organisation which promotes children's safety.

  • Childsafe
    At: San 1-5, Ma cheon dong, Song pa gu, Seoul
    Tel: 02 406 5868