Registering a Marriage

Find out about registering a marriage in South Korea and how to get a marriage certificate...

Once all the required documents have been obtained, the bride and groom must go to their local City Hall (gu-cheong) and declare their intention to marry. They must be accompanied by two Korean citizens to act as witnesses. The following information is needed:

  • Names of the bride and groom in English
  • Date of birth of the bride and groom

The two Korean witnesses are required to sign and declare that the marriage between the couple is legitimate.

Once all the relevant documents have been submitted and filed for marriage registration, the registration form is stamped.
The couple are then issued with a filing receipt which proves that the marriage report has been accepted.

For marriages between a Korean citizen and a foreigner, a Korean marriage certificate is issued within seven working days. For marriages between two foreigners, a verification certificate is issued within three to four working days, the marriage is then valid.

Further Information