Seoul Emergency Hospitals and Pharmacies

Contact details for hospitals in Seoul with a 24-hour emergency department, as well as details on finding an out-of-hours pharmacy...

Emergency Hospitals

The hospitals listed below have an International Health Care Centre and the standard of care is generally very good, although waiting times can be long. Most hospitals in Seoul have 24-hour emergency departments, which are available to treat serious problems; no appointment is needed.

In an emergency it is better to use a Korean speaker to call for an ambulance, as it is by no means certain that the numbers below will get through to an English speaker. Some of the numbers below are for a central reception, where there will be an English-speaking person able to call an ambulance.


Pharmacies are easy to find in Seoul, however, they are not all open at night. Many pharmacies have staff that speak foreign languages, and many have English-speaking staff.

During public holidays and at night there are a number of pharmacies open. To find an on-duty pharmacy, there are a number of resources:

  • Emergency Medical Information Centre, Tel: 1339
  • Dasan Call Center, Tel: 120 (press 9 for English)
  • For further information on pharmacies in Seoul: Click here