Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Seoul

Information about getting around Seoul, parking and driving licences for people with a disability...

South Korea is not an easy place to visit for people with reduced mobility or other disabilities. Moving around the city can be extremely difficult for disabled people. Most of the streets and pavements are not designed for the disabled and few buildings provide ramps and handrails to aid disabled access. Guide dogs are rare and there are few audio signals for the blind on traffic crossings. Although efforts have been made to improve transport options for the disabled, there are still limitations.

Public transport

Public transport is not usually equipped to aid disabled access. Public buses are inaccessible to wheelchair users. Although some new vehicles are equipped with disabled access, it is not used at all. Disabled people are usually forced to travel through the cities by taxi. However, few taxi drivers are experienced or trained in helping a wheelchair-bound customer in and out of their cars. The Seoul subway network has made recent improvement on disabled access and there are lifts, ramps and special sections for wheelchairs on trains.

Special transport services

A special transport service for the severely disabled is available in Seoul. This provides door-to-door transport by a professional driver for those with a disability. The vehicle is specially designed for the disabled.

  • Tel: 02 1588 4388
  • For further information from the Seoul City Hall Taxi service: Click here

Driving Licences

Those with reduced mobility may apply for a special driving licence if they meet the standard criteria and undergo a medical evaluation to determine they are able to drive.


Cars parked in spaces reserved for disabled people must display the disabled badge on the windscreen. A Korean resident may request a disabled badge and information from their district office.