Organisations and Benefits in Seoul

Find out about the benefits available to people with a disability in Seoul as well as contacts to local disabled organisations...

Disability Benefits in Seoul

While central government is responsible for nationwide disability benefits, all local governments are responsible for their own disability benefit schemes.

Seoul provides services such as call taxis, shuttle buses, and activity assistance services.

  • For further information about disability benefits in Seoul: Click here

Organisations for People with Disabilities

Sports for People with Disabilities

Those with reduced mobility and other disabilities can participate in judo, tennis, swimming, football, racquet sports, table tennis, cycling, bowls, basket ball, athletics, archery, horse riding, volley ball, softball, badminton, taekwondo, darts, water skiing, skating, fencing, shooting and yachting.

  • For information on the Seoul Sport Association for the Disabled: Click here
  • For information on the Korea Sport Association for the Disabled: Click here

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