Registering a Birth in South Korea

Information on how to register the birth of a new baby and how to get an Alien Registration Card...

The child's birth must be reported at the local city office (gu, eup, myun) of the place of birth or of the parent's place of residence. A certificate of birth must be presented when reporting the birth. This is provided by the hospital, doctor or midwife.

Registration of the child's birth depends on the status of the child's parents, for example:

  • Korean male and foreign female
  • Korean female and foreign male
  • Two foreigners
  • For information on registering a child's birth: Click here and scroll down to Reporting Childbirth

If both parents are foreigners, the birth must be reported to the parents' respective embassies. The Korean birth certificate must be translated and certified by an official translator.

Alien Registration Card

Foreign residents have 90 days to obtain an Alien Registration Card for their baby. The newborn is treated as entering Korea on the date of their birth.

  • For more information on foreigner registration: Click here