Giving Birth

Know the options available to you when the time comes for the birth of your baby, and find out about postnatal care in South Korea…

Various options are available to pregnant women when it comes to the time of their baby's birth. Natural birth and home birth are allowed - both doulas and midwives are popular in Korea. Facilities are available in South Korea for a water birth.

Epidurals are common in South Korea.

Caesarian sections are very popular in Korea and are carried out routinely. Talk to the doctor who will deliver the baby ahead of time to avoid an unwanted Caesarian section.

Physicians often address the father while a woman is in labour and rarely listen to the mother. The father must insist that his wife's questions be answered if there is to be clear communication.

Post-natal Care

The length of hospital stay depends on the type of birth. A mother can usually leave hospital after a natural birth in three days, and after a Caesarean section in six days.

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Traditionally, Koreans call postpartum Samchilil, literally meaning "21 days". During this time, Korean mothers rest before continuing with their normal responsibilities. Usually, the mother's mother lives with the new parents.


Between birth and 12 years, children should receive 22 vaccinations for 14 preventable diseases. The South Korean government runs a National Immunisation Programme.