Getting Connected to Telephone Services in Korea

Find out how to get your new home connected to telephone services in Korea...

There are two different telephone systems in Korea: a landline system and an Internet system. Consumers can choose which system suits them depending on how they intend to use their telephone and the destinations they call most.

Most telephone companies provide comprehensive packages which include a landline, Internet telephone, Internet and television.

Landline Telephone

There are two main companies for landlines in Korea: Korea Telecom - KT and SK Broadband (formerly Hanaro Telecom). Initial installation and monthly rental fees vary according to a customer's location, how long a contract is taken out for, and other products in the package.

Foreigners need their passport and foreign registration card to have a landline installed. Call customer service to find out about services and fees. However, most customer service centres are only available in Korean.

Installation generally takes place within two days and there is a fee for installation. Bills are paid monthly by direct debit, online, at convenience stores, banks or service provider offices.

Telephone providers