Domestic Water Supply

Understand the water supply system in South Korea and the different providers involved...

Many people in South Korea live in high rise or villa complexes where it is common for all utility services to be provided by a regular supplier. In this case, there is no need to arrange water connection when moving in. Monthly bills can be calculated as an equal division of the monthly total for the whole building or complex.

In Seoul, water is supplied by the waterworks of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Service connection and change of details can be arranged by contacting one of their waterworks offices.

  • For contact details for the waterworks offices: Click here

A passport and a credit card or bank account details are usually needed to arrange water provision.

Bills, which are sent monthly, can be provided in English and include information on how to pay, what to do if there is a leak, and the procedure to follow when moving house. Many people pay their bills by direct debit, for which they receive a one percent discount. Automatic payment can be arranged via the government website, at waterworks offices, at a bank or by telephoning 120.

Customers who read their own meter also receive a reduction each month. Late fees are applied to people who do not pay their bill on time.