Rock Climbing in South Korea

Information on rock and ice climbing in South Korea with details about the alpine clubs and crags available...

Rock climbing is a very popular sport in South Korea but information on the many crags is not easy to find. There are crags all around the country offering rock and ice climbing, as well as bouldering. Much of the rock climbing is on granite and there are routes to suit all tastes. The highest peak near Seoul is Baekwundae on Mt Bukhan and it is very popular with climbers at weekends and on holidays. In winter, ice climbing is very popular. Seoraksan National Park is a major ice climbing destination as its many waterfalls freeze. The Towangsong waterfall, which is 300m high, is the most prized climb in the park.

Bukhansan National Park is visible from the centre of Seoul and has many granite peaks that offer every style of climbing. The climbs vary in length from around 15m to as much as 250m.

The Corean Alpine Club is the main organisation for climbers and mountaineers in South Korea. Their Alpine School runs courses all year round for people wishing to start in the sport or improve their skills. Their main office is in Seoul but they also have 12 regional offices around the country.

  • To find out more about the Corean Alpine Club and climbing in the country: Click here (and select "English" in the top right of the screen)

There are many indoor and outdoor climbing walls in South Korea. These are good for training, learning to climb and meeting like-minded people. Many of the climbing wall clubs also hold competitions.

Korea On The Rocks is a website dedicated to giving information, in English, about climbing opportunities in the country. The site has grown as foreigners living in South Korea have submitted information on the crags and climbing walls they have visited. It has information, including photographs, of rock and ice climbing destinations around the country. The section on climbing walls includes photographs and locations, as well as opening times and prices. It is an invaluable resource for any keen climber living in the country.