ATMs and Cash Dispensers

Information about Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) and withdrawing money in South Korea...

In South Korea, an ATM can be used for the following services:

  • Making deposits
  • Making withdrawals
  • Paying bills
  • Wire transfers - both domestic and international

Cash cards, credit cards, and debit cards can all be used at an ATM.

Bank books, which function like a cash or debit card, can also be used at an ATM. Many ATMs also record deposits and withdrawals in this bank book. Depending on the bank, an ATM may or may not have an English option. Most offer limited services in other Asian languages.

An ATM with a Global logo should have an English option, as well as allowing the use of a foreign card for a withdrawal or deposit.

Using an ATM at a bank where a customer does not have an account costs a small fee (generally between KRW 500 and 1,500).

ATM hours

Unlike in western countries, banks in Korea do not have a 24-hour ATM service. Most ATMs are open from 08:30-22:00. Some are available until 23:59.

Transactions made during non-banking hours and weekends (even from a customer's bank) incur a fee - usually about KRW 500 or less per transaction.

Cash Dispenser Machine (CD)

These machines differ from ATMs in that they only provide cash withdrawal services. One advantage, however, is that they generally offer a 24-hour service. They are commonly found in convenience stores, subways, railway stations, bus terminals, and department stores. Because of their convenience, a CD has a higher withdrawal fee than an ATM.