Permanent Residency

Information on applying for permanent residency in South Korea...

There are a few circumstances under which a foreigner can become a permanent resident of South Korea:

  1. A foreigner who invests significantly in the country. It is necessary to invest at least US$500,000, to hold stocks/shares and to employ a minimum of five Koreans. A corporate body is not eligible.
  2. A foreigner with extremely high level of ability in one of the following fields: science, business administration, education, sport or culture/art. The level expected of an applicant in each field is very high.

Applications should be made at a South Korean embassy or consulate.

  • For more information on applying for permanent residency: Click here (Click on "English" in the top right of the screen. Then select "Immigration" in the bar along the top of the "Information Shortcuts" box in the middle of the page and click on "Visa" before selecting "Visa Issuance Guide - status of stay" in the box at the top of the page. Finally choose "Permanent Residence (F-5) under the "Long-term stay Visa" heading.)