Parking in Seoul City

Rules and regulations regarding parking in streets and car parks in Seoul...

Rules and regulations regarding parking in streets and car parks in Seoul…
Seoul has five different public parking categories, which are based on location and use. Parking fees vary depending on the length of stay.

Parking areas which do not have a time limit can be paid in cash to a parking attendant, or with a T-money card. A credit card can be used for parking meters.

Drivers can buy a monthly parking card online from the Seoul Metropolitan Facility Management Cooperation.

Seoul city provides discount parking for people with disabilities, people of national merit, good tax payers, and drivers who are signed up with the Car Free Day programme. Discount rates vary and depend on the category.

  • To apply for a monthly parking card and for information about parking fees and discounts: Click here (in Korean)

Parking for Residents and People with Disabilities

Parking spaces with a wheelchair symbol are reserved for people with disabilities only.

Some parking spaces are reserved for residents only. To qualify for these, a person must have an official resident's address. To get an application for residents' parking, go to a local dong sa mu so office.

Parking Fines

Fines can be paid at any bank via bank transfer, online (in Korean), or at a district office (gu) or precinct.