The Toll System

Information about the toll charges on South Korea's motorways…

Motorway tolls can be paid using cash, major credit cards, or a Hi-Pass card. The Hi-Pass system allows drivers to pay tolls without having to stop at the toll. To use it, drivers must have both an On Board Unit (OBU) which is installed at the front of the vehicle, and a Hi-Pass card which is inserted into the OBU.

The OBU, sometimes marketed as a "Hi-Pass device" or ETC unit (Electronic Toll Collection), is produced by a variety of manufacturers.  It can be purchased from any store which sells automobile electronics.

A Hi-Pass card can be topped up in advance (Hi-Pass Plus card) or used in conjunction with credit cards issued specifically for the toll system.  The card can often be found in stores that sell the OBU.

Toll fees are calculated according to distance travelled, the type of roads used, and the type of vehicle.

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