Bus and Coach Travel in South Korea

Find out how to get around South Korea using the bus and coach services...

Buses are a very popular mode of transport in South Korea. Services are frequent and punctual. Express (Goseok) and Intercity (Sioe) buses are comfortable, convenient and offer an efficient way to travel within the country. Their service extends to small villages as well as to major towns and cities. Tickets are best purchased from the ticket counter at a bus station. Some cities have separate terminals for Express and Intercity services; terminals labelled Jonghap serve both.

Express services travel on expressways and rarely stop at cities other than their destination, except at rest areas. There are two fare rates: one for travel on regular (Iban) buses and one for luxury (Udeung) buses, which are more comfortable with wider seats. Intercity buses are either regular, making lots of stops, or straight (Jikheng) which travel directly to their destination. Straight services are best for long journeys.

Express services are run by Kobus. The website has scheduling and price information for all routes.