Registering a Vehicle

Information on car registration when buying a new or used car in South Korea...

It is important to register a car within 15 days of its purchase. This must be done at the local government office of the district of residence. Buyers can get relevant information or register the car at the Car Registration Centre at local government offices, or on the Ecar website (in Korean). If they fail to register the car within the 15 days, there is a fine. The registration fee is seven percent of the value of the car.

Documents needed when registering a new car:

  • Certified copy of foreigner registration card and passport
  • Application for registration (Ja Dong Cha Deung Lok)
  • Vehicle certificate (for new vehicle) or import certificate (for imported vehicle)
  • A temporary number plate, issued by the dealership, allowing the new owner to drive the vehicle for about ten days. After ten days, this must be exchanged for a permanent number plate which can be obtained from the local district office
  • Proof of valid vehicle liability insurance
  • Certificate for safety test (Inspection Sticker) issued by the manufacturer

Documents needed when registering a used car:

  • Car registration certificate
  • Certificate of used car transfer (contract)
  • Foreigner registration card (or a certificate of alien registration). For those who do not yet have an alien registration card, two Korean national sponsors and a certificate of entry are required
  • Certificate the buyer has a liability insurance policy and public bonds

When buying a used car, buyers should check the original registration and any outstanding balance for taxes. This can be done at the district office (gu) where the car is registered to confirm that any car loan has been fully paid off. The buyers can check all this information on the Ecar website (in Korean).